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Wood garage doors | Nocra - Montreal (Quebec)

Wood garage door

Nocra's wood garage doors embellish a property while increasing its market value. Made in Quebec in a high-quality wood, our wooden garage doors are available in several species including red cedar, white oak and mahogany.

Having a wood garage door will distinguish your home by providing taste and style to your property. It is also ensuring an excellent insulation to the garage and a superior seal.

If your garage does not have standard dimensions Nocra offers custom wooden garage doors, and because the style of each house is unique, the design of all our garage doors can be customized.

Nocra provides garages of the Montreal area with the most beautiful doors for 30 years. Feel free to contact us for the installation of your wood garage door, we can advise you in your project.

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Wood garage door Nocra


  • Increased air tightness
  • Efficient insulation
  • Very esthetic appearance
  • Immediate increase in property value


  • Solid wood door with shaped interior and exterior panel
  • Commercial hardware
  • Tight weather-stripping
  • Hidden weather-stripping option

Available materials.

  • Wood, red cedar, white oak, mahogany
  • Marine varnish option
  • Dyeing option