Nocra Services

Does Nocra performs the installation of doors and windows?

Yes, Nocra provides highly specialized installation service. The success of your project depends on more than 50% of the quality of the installation: contact us now for more information.

How is the installation of my doors and windows taking place?

The first step is to remove your old openings. This step is followed by a delicate cleaning and the installation of your new windows and doors. After installation is the stage of isolation, compliance monitoring and finishes. Nocra provides a heavy duty, neat and borrowing know-how. Contact us now to tell us about your project.

Where Nocra offers its services?

Nocra offers its services throughout the Montreal area.If you have a project elsewhere in Quebec, please contact us to discuss about it.

What types of project do you accept?

Nocra offers its expertise in openings for all types of projets for installing doors and windows on new buildings or renovation.Whether for a house, condo or even an entire building, we will assist you in your project. Discover our achievements now or contact us for more information.

What determines the size and positioning of doors and windows?

The size and positioning of doors and windows depends on the type of facility that was chosen by the customer. A specialist will take the actual measurements of production for each opening. This is a crucial step for the success of your installation expertise and professionalism are required.For questions, contact us now.

When replacing, do you support the removal of old openings?

Yes, always. Once returned to our premises, all building materials are recovered by a specialist. Contact us for more clarification.

I build my house: how Nocra is working with other building professionals?

Nocra makes sure to contact the architect and other professionals who may be involved in during the construction of your home. If necessary, the installation of your doors and windows will be adjusted to the requirements of our partners.

What is the normal delivery time?

The regular production time is 6 to 8 weeks. For architectural windows, the time may extend up to 10 weeks. Contact Us now for more information.

Do you offer customized products?

Almost always. Our mission is to advise you to customize your home with taste. Architectural, legacy, wooden : our offer will suit your needs. Feel free to contact us to talk about your project.

Standards / Certifications

Are there standards to be followed in the choice of materials and colors according to the cities or neighborhoods?

Yes, it is very important to be well informed before signing a contract. Nocra makes sure to best guide you in the standards, contact us now for professional advice.

What are Nocra's certifications?

Nocra has a license to the Board of Building du Québec (RBQ: 8227-6320-40) and a permit issued by the Office of Consumer Protection.
Nocra is also one of the only companies certified Energy Star in Montreal. Contact us now for more information.

Why buy Energy Star products?

Doors and windows certified ENERGY STAR were tested independently as one of the most energy efficient on the market. By installing ENERGY STAR products in your house, you will reduce your energy consumption and save money.This will also help your comfort by reducing outside noise, condensation and by filtering out harmful ultraviolet rays bad for your furniture.

Maintenance / Garantee

What maintenance is required for Nocra doors and windows?

Maintenance requirements depend on the products and their location in the building: specific recommendations apply. Contact us for any clarification.

My window or hardware is broken, what can I do?

Contact us now for professional advice.


How to tell if an opening should be changed?

Nocra or its representatives do not suggest you to change a door or window,, except in extreme cases.The choice to change a door and a window is personal. Nocra will however help you to make the right decision.
For more information, contact us now.