Casement window

Simple and efficient, casement windows offer you comfort, peace of mind, and safety.

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Casement window Nocra


  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy ventilation
  • Increased air tightness
  • Very safe


Opens towards outside

  • Crank mechanism
  • Mosquito screen inside
  • Can be equipped with options such as tiling, surface bars, and triple glazing.

Available materials.

  • Vinyl / PVC
  • Hybrid; Aluminum exterior - Vinyl / PVC interior
  • Hybrid with wood; Aluminum exterior, PVC core, solid wood interior. Wide variety of wood available
  • Aluminum interior and exterior
  • Wood interior and exterior
  • Pine, red cedar, mahogany, white oak
  • Marine varnish option
  • Dyeing option
  • Wood covered with aluminum, pine or red cedar
  • Infinite choice of exterior colors